Location and Layout 



Facility Layout

Store layout

Regarding layout: Do not mix basic principles of layout with applications of layouts eg how the basic principles are applied in different areas as retail, warehouse etc.

Marks of a good production plant  layout

1. Planned activity interrelationships

2. Planned materials flow pattern

3. Straight-line flow

4. Minimum backtracking

5. Auxiliary flow lines

6. Straight aisles

7. Minimum handling between operations

8. Planned materials-handling methods

9. Minimum handling distances

10. Processing combined with materials handling

11. Movement progresses from receiving toward shipping

12. First operations near receiving

13. Last operations near shipping

14. Point-of-use storage where appropriate

15. Layout adaptable to changing conditions

16. Planned for orderly expansion

17. Minimum goods in process

18. Minimum materials in process

19. Maximum use of all plant levels

20. Adequate storage space

21. Adequate spacing between facilities

22. Building constructed around planned layout

23. Materials delivered to employees and removed from work areas

24. Minimum walking by production operators

25. Proper locations of production and employee service facilities

26. Mechanical handling installed where practicable

27. Adequate employee service functions

28. Planned control of noise, dirt, fumes, dust, humidity, etc.

29. Maximum processing time to overall production time

30. Minimum manual handling

31. Minimum re-handling

32. Partitions don't impede material flow

33. Minimum handling by direct labour

34. Planned scrap removal

35. Receiving and shipping in logical locations

Source; James m. Apple. Plant  layout and Materials handling. 3d ed.. pp. 18-19. Copyright © 1977 by John Wiley &. Sons, Inc.